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Re: switched to ubuntu

A Diumenge 10 Octubre 2004 12:51, PÁSZTOR György va escriure:
> Hi!
> "Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda" <lepalom@wol.es> írta 2004-10-08 13:43-kor:
> > thing is that it's a pity to have a distro derived from debian that have
> > resolved some question better and there's no feedback to the original
> > distro.
> I wouldn't say that, there is no spoon^Wfeedback.


Sure, you didn't say that. I say that. Let me explain, please.....

When I have said that "there's no feedback to the original distro", I want to 
say that although ubuntu have a done some improvements (I think) to have a 64 
bit distro, with bi-arch, this improvements seems to not be reflected in the 
pure64 version of Debian. However, I have to add that is more easy to have a 
little distro customized at 64bits that a generic distro as Debian, so the 
"delay" is understandable.

> So... It seem's to me, that there is a hard co-work beetween the two
> developer group.

Yes, to me too. But, ubuntu is a very new distro sponsoriced by Canonical. All 
the principles, code of Conduct , rules are perfect. I cannot say anything. I 
hope that 3 years ago all was perfect also. Maybe some day ubuntu fagocites 
debian, who knows .... 

Best regards,


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