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Re: switched to ubuntu


"Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda" <lepalom@wol.es> írta 2004-10-08 13:43-kor:
> thing is that it's a pity to have a distro derived from debian that have 
> resolved some question better and there's no feedback to the original distro.
I wouldn't say that, there is no spoon^Wfeedback.
Quoting from ubuntu's webpage:
"Development community

Many Ubuntu developers are also recognized members of the debian community.
They continue to stay active in contributing to debian both in the course of
their work on Ubuntu and directly in debian.

When Ubuntu developers fix bugs that are also present in debian packages --
and since the projects are linked, this happens often -- they send their
bugfixes to the Debian developers responsible for that package in debian and
record the patch URL in the debian bug system. The long term goal of that
work is to ensure that patches made by the full-time Ubuntu team members are
immediately also included in debian packages where the debian maintainer
likes the work."
Other quote from section "Ubuntu and other Debian derivates":
"First, Ubuntu contributes patches directly to Debian as bugs are fixed
during the Ubuntu release process, not just when the release is actually
made. With other debian-style distributions, the source code and patches are
made available in a "big bang" at release time, which makes them difficult
to integrate into the upstream HEAD."

So... It seem's to me, that there is a hard co-work beetween the two
developer group.

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