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Re: switched to ubuntu

A Divendres 08 Octubre 2004 06:29, Ross D va escriure:
> After wresting with the amd64 port for debian, I went tothe new Ubuntu
> Linux distribution and had a nearly flawless install with easy
> configuration.  I highly recommend this distro for anyone who wants to
> use the debian amd64 port but aren't happy with it's incompleteness.
> Thanks to all who helped.
> Ross

This is a interesting question. I prefer the inverse. Some days ago I 
installed the Ubuntu amd64 and all works so fine. I'm a bit surprising why I 
didn't have any problem with the ubuntu and a lot with the debian.

I did a minimal installation and after I did a "debianalization" of the distro 
(replacing all the ubuntu packages by others from debian). The final system 
was usable ....

I found very interesting that with the ubuntu distro I had the OpenOffice 
working without any step, only an apt-get. Otherwise, to me the important 
thing is that it's a pity to have a distro derived from debian that have 
resolved some question better and there's no feedback to the original distro.

Best regards,


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