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Re: 2.4 Kernel

Andreas Jochens wrote:
Which driver is that? The best would be to get it ported to 2.6 because
2.4 does not support amd64 very well. I think upstream does not backport
any amd64 related changes to 2.4 anymore and this could lead to problems because there have been quite a few fixes for amd64 in the latest 2.6 kernels.

The Promise Supertrak SX6000 driver is the culprit (the SX6000 is an ATA-RAID PCI board). It is GPLed but unfortunately it supports 2.4 only.

There are rumors that Promise has a 2.6 driver in the works, I'll contact the technical support tomorrow and try to find out more. If nothing else helps, I'll try to port it myself.

Thanks for your help,


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