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Re: install error

On 04-Oct-06 20:51, Frederik Schueler wrote:
> Now this was nearly half a year ago, Sarge will release without (or only
> limited) amd64 support, and the installer still points to official
> mirrors and defaults to install sarge, causing virtually everyone trying
> the port the first time to stumble.
> Fellow amd64 porters, are there any objections to change the mirrors list 
> in the installer to point to real mirrors of pure64 and make it the
> default distribution?

I think this is a good idea. Personally, I almost lost all hope that
Debian will include the amd64 port in its binary distribution any time

I suspect that even after the release of sarge someone will find
another reason for not letting amd64 into sid. That is a pity, but we
should make the best out of the situation and try to provide an
'inofficial' amd64 distribution which is as good and as easy to use 
as possible.

Despite the fact that the amd64 port has not been accepted into sid,
the Debian package maintainers were very helpful and included the 
amd64 related patches into their latest uploads. Because of this, 
at least the Debian Source Distribution supports amd64 quite well

Andreas Jochens

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