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Re: install error


On Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 01:31:04PM -0400, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> > "Invalid Release file:  no entry for main/binary-amd64 packages"
> > 
> > followed by
> > "The base system installation into /target/ failed"
> Are you pointing it at the right site for downloading packages?  Non of
> the official debian mirrors have amd64 yet, you have to point it at
> alioth or another amd64 mirror with the right arguments.  There was a
> post with directions on the list in the last week, so check the
> archives.

Yes, this is an old and still pending problem in the installer. A short
workaround is described in the HOWTO: 


In the first place, we decided to not change the mirrors list and
distribution in the installer, since we where told pure64 would be added 
to Sid as soon as 95% of source packages would be ported.

Now this was nearly half a year ago, Sarge will release without (or only
limited) amd64 support, and the installer still points to official
mirrors and defaults to install sarge, causing virtually everyone trying
the port the first time to stumble.

Fellow amd64 porters, are there any objections to change the mirrors list 
in the installer to point to real mirrors of pure64 and make it the
default distribution?

gcc-3.4 and sarge should be added too to the list, but only few mirrors
cary this repositories...

Frederik Schueler


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