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Re: install error

On Tue, Oct 05, 2004 at 06:09:55PM -0500, Ross D wrote:
> I'm a newbie taking another crack at installing the amd64 port of
> Debian.  I'm using the monolithic.iso that was updated on alioth today
> (Oct 5).  It found my hard drive so I was able to get past the
> paritioning step, but I recieved the following error when I got to the
> next step of installing the base system:
> "Invalid Release file:  no entry for main/binary-amd64 packages"
> followed by
> "The base system installation into /target/ failed"
> Is this a hardware issues still, something wrong with my paritioning
> scheme?  Any help in newbie terms would be much appreciated.

Are you pointing it at the right site for downloading packages?  Non of
the official debian mirrors have amd64 yet, you have to point it at
alioth or another amd64 mirror with the right arguments.  There was a
post with directions on the list in the last week, so check the

Len Sorensen

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