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Re: install error

Hey all,

Newbie me is making progress.  I was able to install the base system
fine and got the bootloader options.  Using GRUB, I was unable to
select windows as a boot option (I have windows xp in an NTFS
parition).  I figured I could change that once I got debian up and
running, but ran into problems after the reboot.  Upon booting either
kernel, either in safemode or not, I constantly am getting code about
my primary and secondary SATA drives being added and removed.  It's
inconsistent, but continuous, so that when debian finally loads and
the installer is supposed to install apt-get and packages and such, I
am unable to view or choose options since the screen keeps on running
down with this primary and secondary crap.  Anyone else have this
problem?  Can anyone else help me?


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