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Re: how to install debian-amd64 (I will buy an a64 soon)

Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda wrote:
> Ok. I don't have a good internet connection at home. I usually
> download a dvd at university and after install it at home. How can I
> do something similar with amd64?

I think the apt-zip package may be useful here.  Download what you
want while on the high speed connection and then "sneaker-net" them to
your offline machine.  That assumes you can bootstrap a minimum system
going by some method enough to support apt-zip.

  apt-cache show apt-zip

If you already have a Debian system you can get a list of packages
that you have installed there with dpkg.  I would probably start there
and that would get you everything you needed as a first pass.

  dpkg --get-selections | awk '$NF=="install"{print$1}'

> I have thought make a mirror in one machine. After make a big
> tar.gz, split it in severals dvds, bring them to home, copy to the
> hd, join all the split files, untar it to have a mirror, and then
> install it, but ......

The entire amd64 archive is 18 GB!  A binary only depot is 8.8 GB.  So
you could fit the entire depot on two DVDs.  S DVD holds 4.7 GB.  A
dual layer DVD holds 8.5 GB so you could trim some things that you
know you don't want and probably get it to fit.


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