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Re: how to install debian-amd64 (I will buy an a64 soon)

A Divendres 17 Setembre 2004 08:06, Goswin von Brederlow va escriure:
> Just like you would install i386 sarge, except we don't have floppies
> for amd64: cdrom, pxe (netboot), usb stick.
Ok. I don't have a good internet connection at home. I usually download a dvd 
at university and after install it at home. How can I do something similar 
with amd64?

I have thought make a mirror in one machine. After make a big tar.gz, split it 
in severals dvds, bring them to home, copy to the hd, join all the split 
files, untar it to have a mirror, and then install it, but ......

There are some other option??

Thank's in advance.


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