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how to install debian-amd64 (I will buy an a64 soon)

I just wonder how difficult it is to have a good system working at home.
I'll buy athlon64 in few weeks (I hope very next week...).

I'm currently on mandrake on a athlonXP (32bits) at home, but use debian at 
work (i386 too).

1: how to install AMD64 distrib on the new system (i don't think the MB 
integrated ethernet card will be PXE), but I can store things on the HD, or 
use a floppy, or something...

2: when it will be installed (I hope it can), how much often may I find 
updates? I'm at cooker distrib in mandrake (packages update daily), and in 
testing/unstable at work

3: how much mirrors do exist? (I'm in France)

4: If I want to run 32bits apps, how may I do that?
I saw things about a ia32libs package, others about chroot, others about a 
multi-arch debian... What the actual state for doing that?

It would be to have all home applications (mp3, dvd, office, ...), development 
(lastest gcc) and intensive 3d (some games, but mainly development uppon 

all your suggestions/advises/comments are welcome!

thanks in advance.


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