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Re: netinst using gcc-3.4 packages: no valid Release file?

"Harald Dunkel" <harald.dunkel@t-online.de> writes:

> Andreas Jochens wrote:
>> On 04-Aug-12 08:32, Harald Dunkel wrote:
>>>Several other packages could not be installed, but libstdc++6
>>>was never tried.
>>>Why were gcc-3.3-base and libstdc++5 selected instead of
>>>gcc-3.4 and libstdc++6?
>> This is because the installer uses the debootstrap package from
>> the gcc-3.3 archive which installs gcc-3.3-base and libstdc++5 and
>> not gcc-3.4-base and libstdc++6. The gcc-3.4 archive has a patched
>> debootstrap which installs gcc-3.4-base and libstdc++6.
> I had expected that debootrap is grabbed from the archive server
> at installation time. Would be easier to keep things consistent.

It is. Only businesscard (which we don't build) and netinst (which is
purely gcc-3.3 all the way) have the udebs on them.

> I will try to rebuild monolithic using the gcc-3.4 archive and send
> a note.
> Any schedule out to get rid of gcc-3.3 for amd64 completely?
> I am using gcc 3.4 and 3.4.1 for my private projects since they
> were released. Works for me.

Doesn't look like its going to happen. There are too many patches
needed for gcc-3.4 that most likely won't make it into sarge and
several of us want to release a unofficial sarge with a minimum of
extra patches compared to the official one.

And with a gcc-3.3 sarge there has to be a clean upgrade path like all
the other archs will need post sarge too, that takes time and work.

> Regards
> Harri


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