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Re: netinst using gcc-3.4 packages: no valid Release file?

Andreas Jochens <aj@andaco.de> writes:

> On 04-Aug-12 08:32, Harald Dunkel wrote:
>> Several other packages could not be installed, but libstdc++6
>> was never tried.
>> Why were gcc-3.3-base and libstdc++5 selected instead of
>> gcc-3.4 and libstdc++6?
> This is because the installer uses the debootstrap package from
> the gcc-3.3 archive which installs gcc-3.3-base and libstdc++5 and
> not gcc-3.4-base and libstdc++6. The gcc-3.4 archive has a patched
> debootstrap which installs gcc-3.4-base and libstdc++6.
> Maybe the debootstrap in the gcc-3.3 archive could be patched to
> additionally install gcc-3.4-base and libstdc++6 on amd64? This would 
> not do any harm and it would make it possible to use a single installer 
> for both the gcc-3.3 and the gcc-3.4 archive. Otherwise I would have to
> make a separate installer for the gcc-3.4 archive.
> Regards
> Andreas Jochens

The debootstrap.udeb in the gcc-3.4 archive has to be patched and
used. The debootstrap in pure64 can stay as is.

Since you say the gcc-3.4 debootstrap is already patched the udbe
should be too or your patch is incomplete. Are you sure you patched
sarge and sid scripts?


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