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Re: ssh, xdm, octave, sysklogd, linuxlogo

On Thu, 26 Feb 2004, Alex Perry wrote:

> I copied over the host keys from the other partition of this dual boot 
> machine and ssh will now install and the daemon starts up.  However,
> all sorts of nasty complaints appear for both incoming and outgoing
> connection attempts ... and they all fail.  Very odd, because SSH itself

I would expect the bug to lie in the multi-precision arithmetic
package.  The key-generation phase starts by finding numbers which are
prime and have some other properties --- if this code is misbehaving it
may well be that no suitable numbers are ever found, which would cause
key-generation to "hang".  And then, of course, I'd expect the connection
setup handshaking to fail on mathematical grounds, too...

I'd check crypto/bn in the openssl package carefully.  Esp the 'asm'
directory.  Trying to turn the inline-asm optimizations off might be a
good first step.

> I was surprised to get regression errors when trying to build Octave.
> After all, 2.1 is already stable and routinely used on 64 bit targets.
> I'm playing with it, outside the debian builder, to investigate.

It may very well be due to similar math errors?  I can't find any
libraries octave2.1 and ssh have in common, though.

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