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Re: ssh, openssl, linuxlogo

So I don't lose my patched debs if I lose my machine, I'm putting them in
   deb http://www.fastwave.net/pamurray/ sid main
Y'all are welcome to add it to your sources if you choose.

There is currently "linuxlogo" in there, modified per my prior messages,
and a "kernel-image-2.6.2" that was built based on prior list traffic
but has a lot of stuff disabled to boot quickly on the M6805 laptop.

NB there is a new dpkg-dev up in unstable that may try to upgrade itself
over the patched one, after which you'll have trouble building anything.
If you see version being brought down ... fix your apt preferences.

C. Scott Ananian wrote:
> I would expect the bug to lie in the multi-precision arithmetic [...]

I've confirmed that ssh-keygen goes into DSA_generate_parameters()
which is in the openssl package and never comes back out.
I'm following up on the other implications of his message.
For me, openssl currently builds and installs without error.
Sadly, if you run "make test" in the openssl build directory,
all the tests fail.  However, debian/rules doesn't check for this.


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