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ssh, xdm, octave, sysklogd, linuxlogo

I said:
> Is the problem with SSH key generation the same cause as with SSL ?
> If someone is working on the sysklogd failure to build, tell me.

I copied over the host keys from the other partition of this dual boot machine and ssh will now install and the daemon starts up. However,
all sorts of nasty complaints appear for both incoming and outgoing
connection attempts ... and they all fail.  Very odd, because SSH itself
runs fine on other 64 bit architectures, so it is AMD specific ...
but I have no experience working with that kind of encryption code.

I can throw an xterm from the AMD64 machine onto other hosts fine,
but I can't get XDM to accept a desktop from a remote Xnest yet.
I was hoping to use this as a workaround for the lack of ssh above
in order to enable remote access into the machine for co-workers.
If someone has managed to get incoming XDMCP working, please tell me.

I was surprised to get regression errors when trying to build Octave.
After all, 2.1 is already stable and routinely used on 64 bit targets.
I'm playing with it, outside the debian builder, to investigate.

I'm running with syslog-ng to avoid the latter problem ... for now.

linuxlogo detects the processor as an "UNKNOWN" even though the
kernel gives the correct string in /proc/cpuinfo.  I'll investigate.


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