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Re: Seeking a kernel package

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ok, I have built a big kernel image of 2.6.3 in a biarch env.
it's available on my ftp 

it supports most hardware to allow i hope anyone to be able to boot the system 
and run it. 
supports 32 bits and 64 bits
support ip4/ip6, raid, lvm, md etc
has most of the fs builin
usb hid drivers
has all net drivers (including pcmcia) builtin
has all scsi drivers built-in
should support sata through the IDE drivers (libata seems to much unstable for 

there are also modules but these should not be needed to boot.

I haven't tried to boot this kernel :) (working remotely)
if someone boots it please tell me if it worked fine :)


Le Thursday 19 February 2004 23:52, John Goerzen a écrit :
> Hello,
> I would like to have an amd64 kernel-image package that I can put in my
> repo.  To start with, I think it would be best to have one compiled like
> this:
>  * .deb package built with kernel-package
>  * 64-bit kernel with support for 32-bit bins also
>  * No modules -- everything compiled in statically
>  * Kernel 2.6.x, latest rc version
>  * support for just about all different hardware stuff turned on,
>    including those things that are not "known to compile" or labeled
>    "experimental"
>  * support for ipv4, ipv6, RAID, LVM (multi-disk), etc. built in.
>  * ext2, ext3, xfs, reiser, jfs built in.
>  * sound is not needed.
>  * USB is not needed.  firewire is not needed.
> The idea is to give people something they can install and *know* will
> work, then use it to be able to build their own 64-bit kernel from the
> 64-bit environment.
> Since it's built without modules, the kernel image itself could also be
> posted.  That'll help for people bootstrapping from an i386 Debian dist.
> Thanks,
> John
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