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Re: Buying a new workstation

johannes-hirte@web.de (Johannes Hirte) writes:


> With the attached patch the 3114 will work with the sii-ide driver. The
> sata-driver has still some serious bugs (only SiliconImage).

I have a Tyan Thunder and used to use 2.6.0 with the sii-ide patch.  
Doing a grep -r on any decent-sized filesystem was guaranteed to 
cause a dma timeout (lost interrupt) with sii-ide.

In mid January, Jeff Garzik posted a patch (on the linux kernel list)
to 2.6.1(-mm2?) that added 3114 support to libsata.  I haven't had any 
trouble since I started using libsata with his patch. I would imagine
the patch was incoroporated into the mainline 2.6 by now.

Joe Schaefer

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