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Pure64 chroot available


You may download a pure 64-bit environment from:


  (approx. 87MB compressed.)

After downloading, run:

mkdir amd64_pure_test/{tmp,root,proc}
mount -t proc none amd64_pure_test/proc
LOGNAME=root chroot amd64_pure_test
vi /etc/apt/sources.list -- change the references to
  http://debian/ to http://ftp.debian.org/ or your local mirror
  (and yes, binary-i386 is right; it only gets Arch: all packages from
apt-get update
apt-get -u dist-upgrade

It comes preset to use my repository for amd64 debs and (with the minor
mod above) the official archive for arch: all debs.

The environment contains everything you need to build programs, and in
fact is enough to run the autobuilder.

My repository at this time has approximately 1500 .debs in it; since I
started the autobuilder yesterday, 1400 .debs have been built, and all
this since starting the pure64 project from scratch less than a week
ago.  AMD64 is *fast* :-)

Enjoy the 64-bit goodness!

-- John

P.S. Thanks again to Stephen Frost for giving me access to the machine
to do all this.

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