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Re: Buying a new workstation

On Wednesday 04 February 2004 13:41, Adriano Freitas wrote:
>   Hi all, Ive been following this list a long time to
> try to get enough experience to buy a new workstation.
> At this time, Im thinking about getting one with this
> hardware:
> - 1x Tyan S2875ANRF
> - 2x AMD Opteron 244
> - 4x DDR PC-2700 1024gb ECC/Reg Samsung
> - 2x SATA 36gb Raptor W.Digital 10k
> - 1x IDE 160gb Maxtor 7200rpm/8mb
> - 1x Asus/Ati Radeon 9600XT 128mb Box
> - 1x DVD Pioner A06 Box
> - 1x DVD 16X Pioner 120S OEM
> - 1x Enhance EPS12V 460W
>   Im not sure if the Raptor W.Digital worth the extra
> money. Do you know any problem mixing these hardwares?

Do you know how well this SATA controller is supported ? I want SATA also but  
I am not sure about the controller under linux. I have the Tyan Tiger K8W 
(S2875) which is the same as yours ?


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