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Re: Sponsoring of Dual-Opteron


Makes no difference at all here, system crashes whenever ECC is enabled
regardless of the Chipkill and Memscrubbing options... :(
I'll just wait till I'm gonna hear back from ASUS and AMD, they're about
to test that on their systems.


On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 13:43, Holger Baust wrote:
> Hi ...
> On Thu, Aug 28, 2003 at 01:36:00PM +0200, Martin Jungowski wrote:
> > Hold on, you're having these ECC issues too? Uh oh, that's bad news. I
> > just checked, your mainboard has an AMD chipset whereas mine has an
> > nVidia chipset. 
> > Also I just remembered that the Opteron has an onChip memory controller
> > which means that I just realized something awful: There is a slim chance
> > that this is not a chipset, mainboard or BIOS problem - it may be a
> > memory controller problem and that would certainly blow...
> > 
> > Well keep us up to date on that instability issue ;)
> I have some Infos for you... 
> Our Sponsoring Dual-Opteron has a Tyan Thunder K8S with an AMD 8110.
> I had only Problems with this Board (and older BIOS 1.07) if
> MemScrubbing and Chipkill are enabled. If both is disabled and ECC
> enabled I got no Problems. At least not with the newer BIOS 2.01I.
> The changelog of this BIOS release does not tell very much, but there
> are some configuration settings more available in this new version which
> are not in the older version. Perhaps Mattias should update his BIOS
> version.
>   regards,
>        Holger Baust

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