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Re: Sponsoring of Dual-Opteron


Stability issues? Like how, what SuSE are you running, 8.2 x86-64 Beta?
If so, that's odd. I've been testing an ASUS SK8N Opteron mainboard for
over a month now, running SuSE x86-64 since there still is no Debian
x86_64 and I haven't had a single crash.

However I was unable to use any other than the default SuSE Kernel.
2.4.21 used to freeze right after "Uncompressing Linux.........." and
even though 2.6.0-test3 seemed to be working perfectly, I was unable to
set the DMA-flag for the harddrive via hdparm. And you guys know how
incredibly slow a system with no UDMA can be... two words: it blows.
Same issue btw with SuSE i386, no matter what Kernel I was using, no
It was working fine though with the 2.4.19-64 Kernel SuSE installs by
default, so I had to use that for my testing - and what can I tell you,
not a single crash for more than a month of testing. So I'm guessing
your stability issues are not kernel-related, what chipset does that
mainboard have? What RAM do you have, Reg. ECC? ECC enabled or disabled
in BIOS setup? We've had major trouble with that SK8N after enabling
ECC, it's still too beta hence too buggy.


On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 10:39, Mattias Wadenstein wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Aug 2003, Martin Schulze wrote:
> > Holger Baust wrote:
> > If possible in the root-fs.  If not, in a chroot.
> >
> > > send me information about which people schould have access to it.
> >
> > gt, mbanck, tbm, neuro, troup, joey come to my mind at least.  The
> > last three are Debian admins.
> Does this mean that these people should have access to ravel too (the
> machine over here that hands out accounts to developers)?
> Btw, any objections to me reinstalling ravel with a fresh debian install?
> The suse install is kind of icky and there seems to be stability issues
> (perhaps related to the fairly old kernel).
> /Mattias Wadenstein

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