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Re: Sponsoring of Dual-Opteron

Hi ...

On Thu, Aug 28, 2003 at 01:36:00PM +0200, Martin Jungowski wrote:
> Hold on, you're having these ECC issues too? Uh oh, that's bad news. I
> just checked, your mainboard has an AMD chipset whereas mine has an
> nVidia chipset. 
> Also I just remembered that the Opteron has an onChip memory controller
> which means that I just realized something awful: There is a slim chance
> that this is not a chipset, mainboard or BIOS problem - it may be a
> memory controller problem and that would certainly blow...
> Well keep us up to date on that instability issue ;)

I have some Infos for you... 

Our Sponsoring Dual-Opteron has a Tyan Thunder K8S with an AMD 8110.
I had only Problems with this Board (and older BIOS 1.07) if
MemScrubbing and Chipkill are enabled. If both is disabled and ECC
enabled I got no Problems. At least not with the newer BIOS 2.01I.
The changelog of this BIOS release does not tell very much, but there
are some configuration settings more available in this new version which
are not in the older version. Perhaps Mattias should update his BIOS

       Holger Baust

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