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Re: Sponsoring of Dual-Opteron


Try to disable ECC in BIOS Setup, that might solve your problem. We've
had random freezes with ECC enabled, it's too buggy to be used yet.


On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 13:04, Mattias Wadenstein wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Aug 2003, Martin Jungowski wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Stability issues? Like how, what SuSE are you running, 8.2 x86-64 Beta?
> > If so, that's odd. I've been testing an ASUS SK8N Opteron mainboard for
> > over a month now, running SuSE x86-64 since there still is no Debian
> > x86_64 and I haven't had a single crash.
> Dunno, think this is the second time of some random hang.
> > However I was unable to use any other than the default SuSE Kernel.
> > 2.4.21 used to freeze right after "Uncompressing Linux.........." and
> > even though 2.6.0-test3 seemed to be working perfectly, I was unable to
> > set the DMA-flag for the harddrive via hdparm. And you guys know how
> > incredibly slow a system with no UDMA can be... two words: it blows.
> > Same issue btw with SuSE i386, no matter what Kernel I was using, no
> > UDMA.
> I was happy to use one built from debian's kernel source package of 2.4.21
> with some local patches from the deiban-amd64 port pages on my tyan board.
> > It was working fine though with the 2.4.19-64 Kernel SuSE installs by
> > default, so I had to use that for my testing - and what can I tell you,
> > not a single crash for more than a month of testing. So I'm guessing
> > your stability issues are not kernel-related, what chipset does that
> > mainboard have? What RAM do you have, Reg. ECC? ECC enabled or disabled
> > in BIOS setup? We've had major trouble with that SK8N after enabling
> > ECC, it's still too beta hence too buggy.
> I have no idea what hardware is in the machine, it is one of the
> pre-release newisys machines that amd sent around. :)
> So it might be hardware issues too.
> /Mattias Wadenstein

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