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RE: new video card (was Re: USB cards for PWS 433au)

I used to work with all types of older x86 hardware, and have tested dozens
of different USB 2.0 cards, back before mobos included 2.0.  The VIA and Ali
chipset were always squirrely!  Not just on Linux and Alpha hardware.  They
would work on one box and fail on a nearly identical box with the same OS,
etc.  Sometimes just moving it to an adjacent pci slot would fix it.  I
never really figured out whether it was driver or hardware related.  I
suspect it was card firmware.  I rarely had problems with the NEC cards

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On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 06:57:06PM -0500, Bob Tracy wrote:
> (...)
> On the original subject of USB cards, it turns out my other USB card 
> is simply a later revision of the same VIA card that doesn't work, and 
> the later rev doesn't work either.  Time to go find a NEC chipset USB

Found one for US$7.99 with free shipping.  Finally backing up my Alpha as I
type this.

Based on my experience and that of everyone who has commented, if you want
USB on an Alpha, it pretty much has to be built around the NEC chipset.  VIA
works well in the x86 systems I've tried, but not at all in my Alpha.  ALI
loses all around: their chipsets are problematic even in MS-Win boxes.

Thanks for the input!

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