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Re: USB cards for PWS 433au

On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 09:23:43AM +0200, Uwe Schindler wrote:
> I had a NEC controller also running perfect!

That's two votes for the NEC.

I tried removing the VIA controller this evening to see if that fixed my
video issues: it didn't :-(.  I don't know if something is permanently
damaged, or I'm just dealing with a flakey Radeon driver, or maybe
recent KDE4 package updates have increased the de facto depth
requirement from 16 to 24 bits (see below).  I don't have another video
card to try, so maybe I should correct that "deficiency" before spending
too much time trying to chase the issue.

So...  With *no* USB card in the system (only cards now are the standard
Qlogic SCSI card and the Radeon 7500), I get vertical stripes through
the kdm login/password box, and also through both the "Desktop" folder
panel and the "New Activity" button (upper right corner of my KDE4
session).  The session is running at 1280x1024x16 (my video card can't
-- or won't -- support 24-bit depth at that resolution).  Actually, that
*could* be the issue: KDE plasma desktop on other systems I've used
looks like absolute crap at other than 24-bit depth.  Never considered
that might be the problem, because my video issues only started

I'll see about getting another video card to try.  Any recommendations
as far as something that will support 1280x1024x24 on a PWS?  In the
meantime, I can try backing off the resolution to 1024x768x24 to see if
that makes the stripes go away.


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