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Re: X11 server on alpha -- update

On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 10:05:10PM +1300, Michael Cree wrote:
> Bob Tracy wrote:
> >Long story short: fixed the problems with modules not loading
> >because of undefined symbols, but the end result is no better than what
> >I reported for the earlier 1.7.0 version.  The mouse cursor is normal
> >brightness, but the display is otherwise extremely dim: 
> Maybe remove as much as possible from your xorg.conf?  Xserver 1.7 
> should start with a very minimal xorg.conf.  I am not quite sure why you 
> need the NoInt10 and DefaultConnectorTable options.

The reason for "NoInt10" escapes me at the moment, although I think it
had to do with "that doesn't work on Alpha anyway, so why not disable
it?".  The "DefaultConnectorTable" option was (maybe still is) necessary
because trying to read the video BIOS on the Alpha with a generic (not
originally made for Alpha) Radeon 7500 was guaranteed to produce an
unusable result.  Basically the same reason as having to specify the PCI
address for the card...

I'm seeing current reports of a problem similar to what I'm reporting,
but those users (on x86 platforms) are complaining about the symptoms
appearing when they come out of suspend or hibernation.

> How about trying: xrandr --output <your output device> --gamma 1:1:1
> where <your output device> is probably DVI-0.
> I do recall seeing such symptoms myself maybe a year go when I was 
> playing around with the radeon and radeonhd drivers.  I can't remember 
> what the explanation was though it is definitely fixed for me now.  The 
> colour palette code in the radeon driver appeared to me quite a mess at 
> the time I looked through it.

I'll give your suggestions a try: doesn't cost anything :-).  Thanks.


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