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Re: X11 server on alpha -- update

On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 02:04:02AM -0500, Bob Tracy wrote:
> Just to keep any potentially interested parties in the loop, I've been
> trying to build xorg-server-1.7.0 for the past few days.  Lots of
> Has anyone had any success with 1.7.x on Alpha? 

The patches to fix the xserver on Alpha have just gone through to the 1.7
nominations branch.  Expect 1.7.1, when it is released, to contain them.

I have a patched 1.7.0 Xserver running on a Compaq XP1000 with a Radeon
9200 card and on a PWS600au with a Radeon HD2400 card.  DRI is also
fixed -- it must be about the first time in three years that DRI has
worked on Alpha.

Unfortunately Alpha disappears from Debian testing just before we get
a working Xserver...


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