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Re: X11 server on alpha -- update

Bob Tracy wrote:
Long story short: fixed the problems with modules not loading
because of undefined symbols, but the end result is no better than what
I reported for the earlier 1.7.0 version.  The mouse cursor is normal
brightness, but the display is otherwise extremely dim:
Maybe remove as much as possible from your xorg.conf? Xserver 1.7 should start with a very minimal xorg.conf. I am not quite sure why you need the NoInt10 and DefaultConnectorTable options.

How about trying: xrandr --output <your output device> --gamma 1:1:1
where <your output device> is probably DVI-0.

I do recall seeing such symptoms myself maybe a year go when I was playing around with the radeon and radeonhd drivers. I can't remember what the explanation was though it is definitely fixed for me now. The colour palette code in the radeon driver appeared to me quite a mess at the time I looked through it.


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