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Re: aboot of 31r0a on multia - hangs (?) at kernel boot

On Thu, Dec 15, 2005 at 10:01:10PM -0600, Ted S. Letofsky wrote:

> Ted here.
> I should have been more explicit.
> I perform a minimal install off of a 30r6 cd (I've also used the 30r5 cd)
> and complete the install, including installing aboot.  The default
> installed kernel is a 2.2 kernel.

> After I'm totally finished with said VERY minimal installation, I edit my
> sources.list file, and perform a dist-upgrade, including any needed
> updates to aboot.

> Because I'm not very good with linux yet, and because of the differences
> between a 2.2 kernel and image and a 2.6 kernel with initrd, I perform
> that step entirely last. (Putting a new kernel onboard).

So you have upgraded the kernels on this system, and the sarge 2.6 kernel
boots ok?  Do you happen to have tried the sarge 2.4.27 kernel as well,
which is what's used on the sarge install CDs?

If you have a system that you can afford to test on, I'd like to know
whether remastering the boot block with a newer aboot (using the swriteboot
command) leaves you with a bootable system or not, so we can pin down
whether this problem is specific to booting from CD.

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