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Re: aboot of 31r0a on multia - hangs (?) at kernel boot

Good morning, Robert,

I have had 3 Multias, set up similarly, and haven't been able to get ANY
of them to boot of a CURRENT Distro cd of any kind.
I get the same symptoms you do.  The distros I've tried for sure include
Debian 31xxx, Gentoo, and AlphaCore <I think I tried others but nothing

I install off of a 3r6 cd, and then do a dist upgrade, and that works fine.


> I'm trying to boot off a SCSI-CDROM, have monitor & keyboard attached
directly (not serial) and SRM (BL5 V3.8-1 Jun 22 1995 18:10:45) is
running. I "boot dka200" and the CD comes up fine, "0" ("1" & "2" as
> but they route the console to ttyS0 & ttyS1 respectively) begins the
booting process, but invariably stops at:
> "aboot: starting kernel boot/vmlinuz with arguments ramdisk_size=16384
root=/dev/ram devfs=mount,dall"
> (the keyborad indicators flash once and the CD seems to be accessed)
> I another thread it was suggested that the output may be routed to the
wrong console, but explicitly including "console=tty" or "console=tty0"
doesn't sove the problem.
> Are there any SRM environment variables that might be responsible (the
multia has been experimented with for a long time, so they most
> aren't at factory settings anymore. It ran Red Hat once, but the disk
seems to have been wiped)?
> Or am I missing something else entirely (I've never worked with an alpha
> Yours,
> Robert Kosten
> PS: I tried the multia docs, alphalinux.org, the debian docs, the gentoo
docs (since gentoo has exactly the same problem) and google, of course,
but all these imply the kernel "just boots".
> --
> Eritis sicut Deus scientes bonum et malum.

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