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Re: aboot of 31r0a on multia - hangs (?) at kernel boot

I'm jigdoing a set of 3.0r6 from ftp.cl.debian.org, is it correct that they are labelled woody-alpha-{1-7} and debian-update-3.0r6-alpha-{1,2}? That looks a bit like 3.0r1+upgrade... A faster mirror would also be nice, I've been chugging the first disc for a whole night now :-)

Thanks for your help. I'll try to find the exact source of the problem, something ought to be done if apparently all newer distros have this problem...

Robert Kosten

On Thu, 15 Dec 2005 16:10:28 +0100, Ted S. Letofsky <tletofsky@netechnica.com> wrote:

I install off of a 3r6 cd, and then do a dist upgrade, and that works fine.

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