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Re: Strange SCSI controller

On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 11:16:52AM +0000, Tyson Whitehead wrote:
> > Has anyone already encountered this problem?

> Yeah.  I've got a PWS 500au with a QLogic scsi controller.  The Debian kernels 
> haven't worked since 2.4.??.  The stock kernels (I've used 2.4.24, 2.6.0, and 
> 2.6.6) seems to be okay though (download and compile from kernel.org).

> I've been unapplying the Debian patches bit by bit in the last couple days to 
> see if I can figure out what one is messing with the QLogic driver.  I'll 
> submit a bug report once I figure it out.

Please test the kernel images that were posted to this list.  You are
almost certainly being affected by the bug in cia_core.c.

> I guess there used to be this other QLogic driver you could get (just do a 
> search on google and you will see people being constantly referenced to it).  
> The company/link seems to have gone under though.

I do have copies of their source tree that were rescued shortly after
they went under (at the time, the source was still available via
bitkeeper, I don't know if it is now), and I'm happy to give a copy to
anyone who wants it, but it doesn't really seem necessary since the real
problems were with the PCI initialization code and not with the
qlogicisp driver.  Even using their module didn't fix the SCSI
initialization problems I was seeing, and IIRC the code doesn't compile
cleanly in 2.6 due to kernel API changes.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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