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Re: 3d on alpha?


On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 01:23:46PM -0400, Jay Estabrook wrote:
> I have the following 3D cards that all work on PWS machines with XFree86
> 4.1.0 or later:

And Matrox cards? Any issues with these? Do you know if dualhead might work,
in 2D?
(I'm asking because they seem to be easier to get to locally than ATI's)

> You may need to tell SRM to not worry about the card in the 64-bit slot
> by doing:
> 	>>> set pci_device_override -1
> *BEFORE* installing it.

Do you mean I have to put it in the same slot as the Powerstorm, which I
assume is a 64 bit one, or are all slots 64 bit?

> Hewlett-Packard Company - MRO1-2/K15

Hmm, I suppose you can't get to docs to get a working driver for the
Powerstorm even in 2D only?



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