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3d on alpha?


I just acquired a PWS 500a with a very cool looking but utterly unsupported
Powerstorm 4D50T in it.

So I'm looking to replace this with another video card. My question is, is
there any video card with decent 3d support on alpha? Is it actually worth
to spend money on a 3d card, considering that it'll have to be a PCI version
anyway, or should I not bother and just put in the S3+Voodoo2 combo I still
have sitting in an old peecee?

Totally unrelated: I initially installed the system using only cd #1. It was
rather annoying that it didn't have gv or xpdf on it. I'm not sure but I
think there was actually no pdf reader available except for plain gs. [1]
I checked the i386 images but they did have both gv and xpdf on binary-1, so
this appears to be an alpha problem - supposedly because alpha has bigger
binaries. Does someone familiar with cd image creation know if these could
be included on cd 1 for 3.0r2 - at least one of the two I mentioned?



[1] Perhaps a kde one; at least ggv wasn't either since that would've
    matched my search for `gv'

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