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Re: 3d on alpha?

>> I just acquired a PWS 500a with a very cool looking but utterly unsupported
>> Powerstorm 4D50T in it.
>> So I'm looking to replace this with another video card. My question is, is
>> there any video card with decent 3d support on alpha? Is it actually worth
>> to spend money on a 3d card, considering that it'll have to be a PCI version
>> anyway, or should I not bother and just put in the S3+Voodoo2 combo I still
>> have sitting in an old peecee?

> I have the following 3D cards that all work on PWS machines with XFree86
> 4.1.0 or later:
> 3DFx Banshee
> 3DFx Voodoo3 3000
> ATI Rage 128
> ATI Radeon (original PCI card, chip is R100)
> ATI Radeon 7000 (not absolutely sure I've tried this)
> I've seen the last (Radeon 7000) available locally in the $70-$80 US range.
> You may need to tell SRM to not worry about the card in the 64-bit slot
> by doing:
>	>>> set pci_device_override -1
> *BEFORE* installing it.
> Good luck.

The latest SRM on my 164LX is 5.68 (IIRC), which doesn't seem to
understand or accept the pci_device_override setting. It's not
saved between reboots, so setting it has no effect.

This to my great frustration as I have a 3DLabs Oxygen GVX1 I
would like to use in it. I've told Compaq (in Norway) that I'll
gladly donate the card if they promise to at least look at the
possibility of getting to work with older motherboards, such as
the 164LX. Unfortunatly, they can't be persuaded to "waste" their
time on old Digital boards.

- IT

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