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Re: (alpha) YES, we have working boot-floppies

Stefan Schroepfer <whoknows@onlinehome.de> writes:

> Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> > 
> > [...]
> > With or without the bootable flag set?
> Without. Not necessary to make such a setting for ARC or
> AlphaBIOS machines (correct me if there are exceptions!).

Well, things may be different on Ruffian since it has it's own ARC
variant. I'd then have to include some kludge to add an x86 bootsector
to the image.

> Just to remember: There are now two reports about Milo 2.2.17 not
> working: On PC164 and on XLT. Both have ARC firmware, right Don?

Hm, I'm open for suggestions about which MILOs to take.  Should I just
use those from potato?  I'm not sure they understand sparse


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