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Re: (alpha) YES, we have working boot-floppies

Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> I'm using the potato milo, which is build against 2.0.36 I think. That
> works.

Yes, milo from potato_r0 works for me (but see below).

> Can you ls the disk? Do you see the kernel there?  Theres a link and
> the real file. Maybe it doesn't like the link, try the real file.

Another stupid omission on my side. Of course, I can ls
the "rescue" floppy and I can see both, the link and the
real kernel file. I just tried to load "vmlinux.gz" without
looking what's there. (Well, the name "linux.gz" is even
compatible with the current potato docs, so sorry again.)

Your boot floppies finally work for me. All relevant hardware
is detected correctly (PC164 board itself, Symbios based SCSI
controller, DEC 21143 NIC, ...) Great!

> You might also want to try the newer milo posted here before. As soon
> as Falk his current work in progress the cvs boot-floppies should
> build milo disks as well, that might be worth another try.
> I will ask falk to upload a set of milo disks to
> ftp://rut.informatik.uni-tuebingen.de/boot-floppies/disks-alpha/ as soon as creating them works.

The Milo story for PC164 goes on ...

On first sight, I thought that my Browser fooled me while
downloading the current Reinauer 2.2-18 Milo from the SuSE
http (grrr) site. And this was indeed the case!

BUT: After using wget to catch the Milo image from SuSE and
doing a ftp-download of your latest milo-image-disks (which
gave identical results after "decoding" your image disk)
I *still* have to say: Milo 2.2-18 does not work for me!
I already dropped a note to Stefan Reinauer, but got no
answer so far (hmmm, holidays?).

Stefan Schroepfer

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