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Re: (alpha) YES, we have working boot-floppies

Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> I'm uploading the set to

Some more feedback from userland:

I'm trying to test your boot floppies on a PC164 via ARC
and Milo, (specifically root.bin and rescue.bin from the
directory mentioned, as of Tue Aug 07 07:07:00 2001).
But so far with not much success.

If I try to boot from root.bin using Milo from potato r0
(identifies itself as Milo v2.0.35-c7b Wed Feb 9 ...)
using the "default" boot string
boot fd0:vmlinux.gz root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1
I get the following (I double checked my boot floppies!):
<Milo does some file system scanning stuff>
MILO: unknown file system on fd0
MILO: failed to load the kernel

Beeing not sure if Milo's file system diagnosis is
correct, and knowing that a 2.0 based milo might be
unable to load a current kernel I tried to use a
recent SuSE (or should I say "Reinauer") Milo, more


Trying to use that, linload (some *really* old stuff,
"Linux Loader V1.5" from '95 I think) says
Swapping to PALcode at 0x0...

And well, the machine just sits there.

Any hints appreciated.

BTW: A current list of systems, on which the latest
set of boot floppies is already tested, may be helpful.

Stefan Schroepfer

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