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Re: collect debian-admintools

On Mon, Apr 26, 1999 at 04:48:14PM +1000, Gus wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 26, 1999 at 06:59:40AM +0200, Michael Bramer wrote:
> > On Mon, Apr 26, 1999 at 12:35:31PM +1000, Gus wrote:
> > > > So what if he uses a new thing "needs=configtool" and a menumethod
> > > > that only extracts these entries?
> > > in which case, why use the menu system at all?
> > > (but then, i suppose "why not" is a valid argument too)
> > The user, root etc. can use the other packages to start the collected
> > programs or read the documentation. 
> users can't. (or shouldn't)

A user can go to /usr/sbin/ and can start a lot of the programs...
A normal user can start dconfig (etc.) and read the docu etc...

But this is not the point..

> > If I don't use the menu system, I have to write a second system
> > (dconfig-register) and this 'new' system do the same like the menu
> > system. This is not the unix way, to do things.
> its an absolutely trivial script (both the register and dconfig scripts)
> register-config does a
> echo "$command	$label" >> /etc/dconfig.list

and unregister, and test, if the package install, and ....

you lost a lot of points.

> and dconfig just prints the list and runs the chosen command
> it hardly qualifies as a "system"
> (alternatively, you could just do a `locate -e '*/sbin/*config'` and then
> you wouldn't need any modification to packages)

and you lost config tools, like dselect, don't have helptest, don't have
nice names, etc.

with all this, it is a system...

> > With the using of the menu system, the admin on the system can use all
> > the options from the menu system:
> >  he can add the config-tools to the window-manager menue
> >  ha can edit the menue items
> >  he can move the menue structur
> >  users can have different menues
> >  if root deinstall a package, the item aren't show 
> >  he can add own items
> >  he don't need learn new Options, new programs, new system -> he use
> >     only  the 'old' menu system
> > 
> except that normal users aren't going to see the menu items (thats a
> good thing) and aren't going to have the privileges to run them anyway

you right, no normal user, but the user and/or root can change this ...

> and root should not be using the tools from the window-manager menu,
> since he should not be logging into X as root

To add the tools in the window-manager, you must rewrite the
menue-methode. And than you can add a get-su-program to your normal
It is the same system and it is simple.

> it just seems you gain nothing that less than a screen of scripting
> couldn't gain you, and you lose future flexibility (not to mention
> having to hack yet another thing into menu)

with the menu system, the scripting is less than 24 lines (with
Documentation) and more flexible.

> but since i'm not doing the package, its not really any of my business..

It is IMHO a debian business.

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