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Re: collect debian-admintools

martin@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de (Martin Bialasinski) writes:

> >> "G" == Gus  <gus@getsystems.com> writes:
> G> i'd like to see a simple (dialog/ncurses/plain text) program that
> G> merely presents a menu of other config programs.. it doesn't appear in 
> G> the menus at all (since then it would be seen by all users), but
> G> serves as a central directory for other config programs
> Please reread the documentation to the menu system. Items using the
> menu infrastructure are not necessary items that appear on the menus.
> Hint:
> An entry having "needs=vc" won't show up in the windowmamager's menu,
> as the menu-methods for the window managers only use the "needs=text"
> and "needs=X11" entries.
> So what if he uses a new thing "needs=configtool" and a menumethod
> that only extracts these entries?

The menumethod might be used, but not like its used now. At the moment
each package must explicitly set the menus it provides. In the case of
config scripts, that will be done by dpkg. Every package that has a
"config" in control.tar.gz will automatically be added to the menu
strcuture (if that is used for that purpose). That way nobody can
forget to add the package to the menu.

Also "needs=configtool" doesn't solve the problem. "needs=group_<xyz>" 
would be better. But how do you setup a windowmanagers menus to be
different for all users that belong to group <xyz>?

May the Source be with you.

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