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Re: collect debian-admintools

On Mon, Apr 26, 1999 at 04:07:23AM +0200, Martin Bialasinski wrote:
> >> "G" == Gus  <gus@getsystems.com> writes:
> G> i'd like to see a simple (dialog/ncurses/plain text) program that
> G> merely presents a menu of other config programs.. it doesn't appear in 
> G> the menus at all (since then it would be seen by all users), but
> G> serves as a central directory for other config programs
> An entry having "needs=vc" won't show up in the windowmamager's menu,
> as the menu-methods for the window managers only use the "needs=text"
> and "needs=X11" entries.
> So what if he uses a new thing "needs=configtool" and a menumethod
> that only extracts these entries?

in which case, why use the menu system at all?

(but then, i suppose "why not" is a valid argument too)

if at some later date, you want to have both X11 and text config
programs, how are you going to distinguish them?
rename the "needs=" to configtool-X11 and configtool-text?

it just doesn't seem necessary to use the menu system, when a simple
"register-config" script could simply append a command and a label to
a list (and at some later date maybe add X11/text/etc flags)

the config program then simply presents this list and lets the user
choose one

 - Gus

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