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Re: config management/database (was Re: Control Panel)

Previously Anthony Towns wrote:
> Maybe it'd be a good idea for you (or someone else) to setup a webpage
> with what's been done (your proposal, and others?), what's being done and
> who's doing it, and what still needs to be done somewhere. Whoever's
> willing to maintain that page might like to mail our release manager and
> sponsor this too. [0]

I think I can manage that. At least I find this important enough to
invest some time. Maybe we should have a seperate mailinglist as well?
We shouldn't clutter this list with coding details..

> [0] I have an ulterior motive here. I'm half considering sponsoring IPv6
>     integration into potato/whatever's next but I just don't have time to
>     do too much of it myself. So I'm curious just how much work sponsoring
>     will turn out to be...

Mostly pestering maintainers I think, and making the occasional patch.


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