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Re: Orca shortcuts

Le dimanche 29 juillet 2012 à 09:21 +1000, Jason White a écrit :
> Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <mengualjeanphi@free.fr> wrote:
> > So if I sum up what I understand (tell me if I do a mistake): to 
> I already explained: cp /usr/share/applications/orca.desktop ~/.config/autostart

Ah ok sorry, I didn't think it had the same purpose.

> It can also be configured from the desktop environment but I can't remember
> the details - your favourite Web search engine should find them though.

Yes I've tried. It says that I should, in System settings, find a Personal tab and, inside, Startup application. I don't find. Do you know where I can find this setting on Debian?

> > Again, I'm about thinking it's a gnome3's bug problematic for common
> > blind users. Really, am I integrist? But I go on trying maintaining
> > Wheezy as accessible as squeeze for any blind user.
> Gnome suffered a huge regression in accessibility with Gnome 3. It has been
> gradually improving since then, thanks to a lot of work, and there are more
> developments coming in 3.6.
> It's unrealistic to expect the accessibility to work smoothly in 3.4, which
> will be released with Wheezy. For example, the log-out dialogue is not
> accessible and, so far as I know, the patches to fix that won't arrive until
> 3.6. Debian is already stabilizing its release, which limits the patches that
> can go in.
> On the other hand, where there is a well tested patch that is known to work,
> the recent Mozilla bugs show that Debian can accept it into Wheezy with
> permission of the release team. So, I would say, definitely pursue it if you
> have a patch which is known to work and not to break anything, but your
> prospects are constrained otherwise.

Well, the minimum I can do is reporting bugs for a classical user. I hope it'll help. Otherwise I'll find some solutions to maintain Debian really usable by everyone.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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