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Re: Orca shortcuts

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <mengualjeanphi@free.fr> wrote:
> With my Wheezy, I try running orca automatically at the starting of
> gnome. For this, in System Parameters, Universal Access, I check "Enable
> screen reader".

I added it as a startup application to the desktop instead.
> But when orca starts, no shortcuts are available (I mean orca's
> shortcuts). No key works (I cannot do ins+t, ins+f, etc.). I only get
> again orca's shortcuts killing orca then running it again by hand. Did
> someone experience this? 

No, it doesn't happen here, but see above.

If you enable it as a screen reader you'll get the desktop file under /etc
that prevents Orca's main window from being displayed by default; this is in
accordance with Gnome policies, as I recall from a discussion on the Orca

The proper configuration is apparently to set it up as an application which is
started when the desktop loads and not to use the "enable screen reader"

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