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Re: Orca shortcuts

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <mengualjeanphi@free.fr> wrote:
> So if I sum up what I understand (tell me if I do a mistake): to start
> orca while the desktop runs, we have 2 solutions. One, with Universal
> Access, but it doesn't work (in my opinion, it's a bug), seems it's from
> a gnome's choice. The other is to add to the desktop startup. How can I
> do this? I don't find how I can do this in Preferences menu of gnome.

I already explained: cp /usr/share/applications/orca.desktop ~/.config/autostart

It can also be configured from the desktop environment but I can't remember
the details - your favourite Web search engine should find them though.
> Again, I'm about thinking it's a gnome3's bug problematic for common
> blind users. Really, am I integrist? But I go on trying maintaining
> Wheezy as accessible as squeeze for any blind user.

Gnome suffered a huge regression in accessibility with Gnome 3. It has been
gradually improving since then, thanks to a lot of work, and there are more
developments coming in 3.6.

It's unrealistic to expect the accessibility to work smoothly in 3.4, which
will be released with Wheezy. For example, the log-out dialogue is not
accessible and, so far as I know, the patches to fix that won't arrive until
3.6. Debian is already stabilizing its release, which limits the patches that
can go in.

On the other hand, where there is a well tested patch that is known to work,
the recent Mozilla bugs show that Debian can accept it into Wheezy with
permission of the release team. So, I would say, definitely pursue it if you
have a patch which is known to work and not to break anything, but your
prospects are constrained otherwise.

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