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Re: Orca shortcuts


(writting with my release assistant hat on, and cc-ing the release team

Jason White <jason@jasonjgw.net> (29/07/2012):
> It's unrealistic to expect the accessibility to work smoothly in 3.4,
> which will be released with Wheezy. For example, the log-out dialogue
> is not accessible and, so far as I know, the patches to fix that won't
> arrive until 3.6. Debian is already stabilizing its release, which
> limits the patches that can go in.

While I understand it's hard to be talking about backporting patches to
3.4 that haven't been written/merged for 3.6 yet, I can assure you that
the release team will be happy to see such patches being proposed for

As for the needed work, I'm pretty sure the almighty Gnome team will be
able to craft something up.

> On the other hand, where there is a well tested patch that is known to
> work, the recent Mozilla bugs show that Debian can accept it into
> Wheezy with permission of the release team. So, I would say,
> definitely pursue it if you have a patch which is known to work and
> not to break anything, but your prospects are constrained otherwise.



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