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Re: Orca shortcuts


So if I sum up what I understand (tell me if I do a mistake): to start
orca while the desktop runs, we have 2 solutions. One, with Universal
Access, but it doesn't work (in my opinion, it's a bug), seems it's from
a gnome's choice. The other is to add to the desktop startup. How can I
do this? I don't find how I can do this in Preferences menu of gnome.

If Gnome doesn't want the 1st feature, why do they let it? 

Again, I'm about thinking it's a gnome3's bug problematic for common
blind users. Really, am I integrist? But I go on trying maintaining
Wheezy as accessible as squeeze for any blind user.

I wait for your answers with interest.

Best regards,

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

Le samedi 28 juillet 2012 à 16:00 +1000, Jason White a écrit :
> Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <mengualjeanphi@free.fr> wrote:
> > With my Wheezy, I try running orca automatically at the starting of
> > gnome. For this, in System Parameters, Universal Access, I check "Enable
> > screen reader".
> I added it as a startup application to the desktop instead.
> > 
> > But when orca starts, no shortcuts are available (I mean orca's
> > shortcuts). No key works (I cannot do ins+t, ins+f, etc.). I only get
> > again orca's shortcuts killing orca then running it again by hand. Did
> > someone experience this? 
> No, it doesn't happen here, but see above.
> If you enable it as a screen reader you'll get the desktop file under /etc
> that prevents Orca's main window from being displayed by default; this is in
> accordance with Gnome policies, as I recall from a discussion on the Orca
> list.
> The proper configuration is apparently to set it up as an application which is
> started when the desktop loads and not to use the "enable screen reader"
> option.

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