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Re: Extending accessibility support in D-I for Lenny

From: "Mario Lang" <mlang@debian.org>
I am aware of these problems, and that is exactly why I was
never in favour for a speakup-patched kernel by default.
The way speakup currently is implemented is IMO not suitable
for the average server system, it is too hackish.

Is there a solution then? I don't mean this as a criticism -- by no means. But maybe it would be more productive to talk about what can be done rather than what cannot.

It would be really helpful for blind people to be able to walk up to any linux machine, connect up a speech synth, and start typing away. I've put speakup enabled kernels on many of the servers I deal with but some that were setup by other people or by my predecessor don't have it. So if those machines go down, I have to get help working with them. And that's not good for my job security. I don't really think that I personally have to worry about my job security. But this is an important issue. California did a survey a few years ago that showed that 70% of blind people were unemployed.

So I would think that there is hardly anything you guys could do that is more important than making linux talk.

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