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Re: Extending accessibility support in D-I for Lenny

On Thursday 15 February 2007 22:41, Mario Lang wrote:
> For speech and braille output, I ask myself why
> a blind user would want to run the Graphical Installer instead
> of the text interface.  What features does the
> graphical installer add (except eye-candy) that is
> not provided by the text interface(s)?

The textual installer does not provide the base that ORCA needs, namely 
the GTK libs...

> I agree that it would be useful to get the GTK
> magnification features (and some way to control them)
> into the graphical installer so that people with low
> vision could use d-i more easily.

I guess you are aware that we already have the "dark" theme for both 
textual and graphical installer that offer larger default fontsize and 
more contrasting colors. Not the same as real magnification, but still a 
nice start.
Extending this to real graphical magnification would be nice.

> A side project of this indeavor would be far more
> interesting for the masses, namely getting software
> speech synthesis into Debian Installer.  Currently, people
> without braille display hardware can not really
> use d-i directly.  It would be desireable for Lenny
> to get something like espeak into d-i, and all the necessary
> sound-card auto-setup that is required to make this actually usable.

If you have a solution for speech that can be integrated in either the 
textual or graphical installer that would a lot lighter than basing 
things on ORCA, feel free to propose it.
The easy part is adding sound modules and basic alsa support. The 
difficult part is the actual conversion from display to speech and 
optionally from speech to input.

But basically that _is_ the goal of the ORCA approach that Willie and I 
talked about.

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